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Mrs Khalida Hussain

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quote left Extremely professional from the booking receptionist to the actual treatment, I could not have chosen a better dental clinic and dentist. I am so happy after today's surgery, feeling so confidant again. i'm very satisfied. quote right

Mrs Khalida Hussain

Practice Manager

Khalida embraces a strong background in both NHS and Private Dentistry with 11 years of experience and takes great pride in ensuring every patient entering our doors feel warmly welcomed.

Khalida joined The Dental Suite early 2015 and strives to deliver high standards of care with her professionalism and robust management experience ensuring the practice delivers the best quality of care for all patients.

Her passion lies in patient satisfaction and always looking to venture into continually improving services provided to our patients by building strong relationships with individual patients.

Khalida enjoys her travels abroad, spending time with family and loves visiting Spa's!

Should you have any enquiries Khalida is always at hand to help and ensures to be there by your side at each step of your journey!

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